Buy The Book

Sure, the Spokane Public Library lends out thousands of books, but did you know it’s also a book store?

 Sales on-line and at the main branch downtown generate more than $50,000 in revenues that are split between general library programs and support for student and summer reading programs.

The books on sale are donated, or culled from the libraries’ collection as their circulation slows. 

Some donations are unusual.

“I swear one guy bought every book in creation,” says Brenda Kochis, who manages the sales with the support of volunteers who donate more than 2,500 hours of time.

 Volunteers sort donated books by quality, with the best offered first on-line. Others are shelved in the lobby, some for as little as three for $1. Recordings are available, too.

Finally, the library holds a twice-a-year sale for all leftovers. Remainders are sold off in bulk.

It’s a great effort, but the libraries rely far more on the support from Spokane voters who can renew their commitment by voting for Measure 1 on the April 25 ballot. Measure 1 will renew a levy of seven cents per $1,000 property valuation first approved in 2013 by an almost two-to-one margin.

Please vote for Measure 1, and come buy a book or two as well!


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