Our libraries, our future
Libraries change lives

Libraries are the heart and soul of any community

Pick up your yard signs while theY last
Global Credit Union Foyer, 1500 W. Fourth Avenue, Spokane
doors are open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We have an obligation to support libraries. To use libraries, to encourage others to use libraries, to protest the closure of libraries. If you do not value libraries then you do not value information or culture or wisdom. You are silencing the voices of the past and you are damaging the future.  –Neil Gaiman Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming

Vote YES on April 25, 2017,  to approve the City of Spokane Measure No. 1, renewing the existing levy lid lift for the Spokane Public Library regarding expanded Library operations and services. This levy lid lift will continue the existing levy at the current rate for duration of seven years (2018–2024).