Great Events Are Happening at Your Library

Let’s assume it’s April 12. You. Have your April 25 ballot, and you are wondering why you should support Measure 1, renewal of the library levy first approved in 2013.
Well, let’s take a look at the events scheduled at the six branches, including Downtown, up through the 25th. Here’s sample _ and it’s just a sample _ of what’s going on in that less than two-week period:

Today at Indian Trail, there’s Peep Science featuring, you guessed it, those favorite Easter marshmallow treats.

Shadle holds an egg-decorating class on the 13th.

More seriously, on the 18th the East Side branch will be holding a class on how to create a child protection plan.

There’s a class on container vegetable gardening the same day at the Hillyard branch.

And on the 25th, the Elder Planning Series continues with a class on insurance issues at the South Hill branch.

Meanwhile, the Downtown branch is hosting an exhibit, “The World Between,” by artist Daniel Kytoran, and another, “Grand Coulee to Grunge,” highlighting eight game-changing contributions Washington has made global culture.

Spokane’s libraries are an extraordinary resource, and Measure 1 helps fund these activities, and many more, so please vote “Yes.”

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