Meet Your Branch Managers

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our branch managers, the first being Pat Bonner. 

Pat has been in charge of the Shadle and Indian Trail branches of Spokane Public Library for 12 years, and she has worked in every other branch, including Downtown, since starting work with the libraries in March 1986. Shadle was the branch that opened on Sundays thanks to voter approval of Proposition 1 in 2013. She says it has been a great success with families who share their love of books. Circulation has increased, and her literary parishioners usually have all the computer terminals in use. 

If Spokane voters approve Measure 1, the South Hill branch will also be open Sundays.

As part of the Spokane Libraries effort to become a “library of things,” Shadle has a telescope donated by the Spokane Astronomy Society to lend out. After all, she says, libraries are “places of exploration,” aren’t they?

Bonner will be taking on new responsibilities soon as head of outreach for the North Side branches; spreading the word about the resources available and asking organizations how the libraries be of greater service to them. 

Spokane’s libraries are a tremendous resource, and they want to do more. Please vote for Measure 1 to assure they remain the neighborhood centers that all can rely on.


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