There will be spring

Spring into this new season and learn about your library levy

This winter has been quite a winter, and we are looking forward to spring for all kinds of reasons. Most importantly, because we’ve got a levy coming up for Spokane Public Library, and you will start receiving ballots in your mailboxes on or around April 6th.

Join us in this space to learn about the renewal of the levy—Measure No. 1—on your upcoming ballot. And learn more about how Spokane Public Libraries transform your educational experiences and your opportunities to grow as a reader, as a learner and as a person.

On April 25, Measure No. 1 will ask voters to renew the City of Spokane Library Levy dedicating a rate of seven cents per $1,000 of assessed property value for an additional seven years.

When the levy first passed four years ago, hours were extended at the East Side, Hillyard and Indian Trail branches. Shadle was opened on Sunday, and services were expanded out into the community.

Measure No. One will assure those services remain available, and all the branches remain open. Additionally, just as the levy lid lift did in 2013, passage will fund exciting innovations. We’ll talk about those in the days and weeks ahead. But as we do that remember: Measure No. One is not a tax increase; it is a renewal of what property owners are already paying.

And remember something else: There will be spring.

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